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Mid-Century Vibe Landscape - Bayside, WI

Mid-Century Vibe

2022 Silver Award Residential Design - Association of Professional Landscape Designers

Originally a 1950’s Cape Cod ranch, our client’s home was transformed into this contemporary interpretation of a mid-century modern home. Regretfully, the landscape did not receive the same amount of attention as the home did during the major remodel.

Our clients understood that the new landscape should reflect a mid-century modern aesthetic and asked that a little bit of Asian flavor be added to the mix.

For the front of the home, we focused on creating a visual statement with a new, segmented bluestone front walk. It replaced a plain, curved path that had no relationship to the architecture of the home. Bold, but simply shaped planting beds contain a limited palette of plants and colors to suit our clients’ tastes. Areas of various types of stone mulch reflect an Asian style adding texture and contrast with the plants.

The backyard was a blank canvas for us as the original patio had been removed during the remodel of the home. Our client requested areas for dining, lounging, and for hanging out around a fire pit. They also wanted enough lawn left for their young daughter to play in, which was a challenge while keeping the patio spaces functional. Colored concrete was chosen as the patio material in keeping with the mid-century modern theme and coordinates well with the color of the cultured stone on the home. Beach pebble inlays help define the spaces visually, while bluestone steppers and slate chip mulch are repeated materials from the front yard. Many of the same plants from the front are also repeated in the backyard, with the addition of some shade loving plants around the patio and lot perimeter for privacy.

Mid-Century Vibe Landscape Renovation - Bayside