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Mid-Century Front Landscape - Palm Springs, CA

When our client purchased this mid-century modern home in Palm Springs, he had the idea of restoring it back to its original architecture. A previous owner had tried to turn it into Spanish colonial with stucco surfaces hiding original windows and a garden wall that blocked the house from the street. Knowing that we specialize in mid-century landscape design, he contacted us shortly after beginning to strip the home of the excess ornamentation. With our guidance, he had a new concrete driveway installed along with the staggered concrete walk before we got into the heart of the design. We then made a visit to Palm Springs to see the home in person, taking that time to measure and photograph the entire house and property.

Our client wanted the new landscape to feel like it belonged to the rest of the neighborhood, but he specifically mentioned that he'd prefer little to no cactuses. For the simplified plant palette we focused on a unique blend of woody desert shrubs, agave and a few perennials and an ornamental grass. The orange penstemon was chosen to play off the orange front door while the only cactus in the design (Mexican fencepost) was placed as an architectural statement in front of the large, blank wall on the home. Scheduled for installation in Fall of 2023. Check back for photos!

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD and Hannah Paulson, landscape designer.

Palm Springs Mid-Century Front Landscape