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Traditional Landscape Makeover - Pewaukee, WI

Our client loved perennials and had dabbled doing her own arrangements throughout their property. But she recognized that it would be helpful to involve a professional to give the front of their traditional home in Pewaukee, Wisconsin a makeover. Since she was open to removing most if not all of the existing overgrown shrubs around the home, we basically started with a clean slate for the foundation plant beds. We redefined the shape of the planting beds and suggested new trees, flowering shrubs, and boxwoods to create structure with the plants. The balance of the plantings were a mix of some of her favorite perennials along with some of our tried and true varieties. Some existing perennials were also specified for transplanting. Low voltage landscape lighting completes the conceptual landscape design.

Scheduled for installation in spring of 2023.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD and Hannah Paulson, landscape designer

Traditional Front Landscape - Pewaukee, WI