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Mid-Century Modern Landscape - Grosse Ile, MI

Our clients reached out to us for a complete makeover of their mid-century ranch in Grosse Ile, Michigan after discovering us on the internet. They recognized our expertise in designing mid-century landscapes and were willing to work with us virtually on their design. We always look to the architecture of the home for design inspiration and this home made it easy for us.

For the front yard conceptual landscape design uses a hexagon theme that is based off the hexagon shaped living room in the back of the home. We created a concrete foyer to connect the large driveway to the wrap-around front porch. The bedlines and angled groups of plants continue the theme.

The backyard conceptual landscape design for this mid-century ranch was inspired by the original blueprints of the home which showed a dramatic hexagon shaped living room at the back of the home. We designed a new concrete patio around the existing brick planters on the home. The patio was larger than the original with spaces for grilling, dining and lounging. The concrete hexagon space around the fire pit was changed to a wood deck in the final design per the client's request. Angled bedlines and linear groups of plants match the front plantings.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD and Hannah Paulson, landscape designer

Mid-Century Modern Front Yard