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Traditional Landscape Renovation - Fox Point, WI

Our client's home in Fox Point, Wisconsin had a front landscape that was professionally installed many years prior. Most of the plant material had declined or died over the years so the front yard was in need of a makeover. Our design was built around the existing front walk and stone retaining walls which were to remain. The client asked for a front patio space for family dining and a fire pit. The planting design had to work under two mature Norway maples that dominate the front yard.

For the backyard, the goal was to create a private patio space with a connection to the driveway for when our client entertained guests. Paving materials mimic those in the front yard. Our client requested privacy plantings along the back lot line. Low voltage lighting completes the design around the home.

For the streetside of the property, our client wanted privacy and curb appeal at the same time. The existing lamp post was incorporated into the planting plan with long blooming perennials focused at the driveway entrance.

Scheduled for phase 1 installation fall of 2022.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, APLD and Hannah Paulson, landscape designer.

Traditional Front Landscape - Fox Point, WI