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Mid-Century Landscape - Bayside, WI

Midwest Mid-Century

2022 Silver Award Residential Design - Association of Professional Landscape Designers

Our clients had already decorated the inside of their cute midcentury ranch in Bayside, WI with period correct furnishings when they contacted us. They had made an attempt at making their landscape midcentury, but in the end they knew they needed to call in for professional help. Since midcentury landscapes are our specialty, it was a perfect fit for us to work with them on renovating the entire property. The existing half circle concrete patio was in great shape, but it was surrounded by looming arborvitae that were original to the house. They were so large that the patio was essentially cut off from the rest of the backyard.

We designed all new plantings for the backyard, based on a circular theme to play off the patio geometry. We replicated the granite stone mulch our client had already used in the front yard. For the front part of the property we simply refined and adjusted what our client had already started, to create a cohesive whole between front and back. One of our favorite medium-sized projects!

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD.

Mid-Century Landscape - Bayside, WI