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Modern New Home Landscape - Mequon, WI

For this new, modern home our conceptual landscape design coordinates with the architecture of the home and the clean lines that our client requested. A patterned bluestone outdoor foyer connects the driveway to the large front porch. Simple, linear plantings with blocks of color are the basis for the plant palette. Our client also asked for a Japanese maple which we tucked into the corner off the porch.

Even though our client's new home sat on a wooded lot, they asked us to add plantings for privacy and interest along the edge of the natural area. Spruce trees add winter interest, along with red-twig dogwood. Forsythia and serviceberry add spring color along the driveway.

For the back yard portion of the design, we did not need to design a patio space, as the home already had an immense covered deck off the back of the house. We did want to create exit points off the deck with stepping stones of bluestone. The grid of steppers in the center mimic the footprint of the bluestone foyer from the front yard. Slate chip mulch forms a border around the entire house under the large roof overhangs. A small bluestone grilling patio was added off the corner of the home.

Due to the heavy shade of the surrounding woods, we added hemlocks to provide privacy for our clients year-round. Understory trees with great fall color were also interspersed within the natural areas.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD and Hannah Paulson landscape designer

Modern Driveway Landscape - Mequon