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Traditional Eastside Landscape - Milwaukee, WI

This traditional, Eschweiler designed home on Milwaukee's east side needed a landscape makeover to match the elegance of the home. The existing plain concrete walk had zero character, so the first thing we asked our client's was if a new front walk would fit in their budget. We proposed a bluestone and brick walk, with an arched shape foyer to mimic the portico on the home. The arch shapes are continued in the plant bed lines. An existing boxwood hedge was retained but the balance of the plantings are completely new. The shrubs include Bobo hydrangea, Koreanspice viburnum and birdsnest spruce. A columnar variety of crabapple, 'Ivory Spear', anchor the sides of the front yard and add formality. Low voltage landscape lighting allows the new landscape to be enjoyed at night.

The backyard on this project is bordered on all four sides by house, garage, driveway and a stone retaining wall. Our clients didn't need a new patio space as they had enough "outdoor" space between a sunroom and upstairs balcony. Our task was to design a new connection from the house to the garage that mimicked the front part of the design. A bluestone walk way creates part of the edge of a circular lawn area. The circle was chosen as it helps to make the small backyard feel bigger as there are no corners to speak of. All new plantings including a focal point Japanese maple in the corner add seasonal color. The columnar crabapples from the front yard are repeated along the edge of the drive. Low voltage landscape lighting completes the back design.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, APLD and Hannah Paulson

Traditional Landscape Makeover - Milwaukee