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Mid-Century Modern Landscape - Elm Grove, WI

This mid-century ranch home in Elm Grove, Wisconsin was undergoing a complete renovation inside. Our clients wanted to spend equal attention to the outside which meant all new hardscaping - front walk and patio, as well as all new plantings. The dramatic angled rooflines of the house inspired us to include angles in the landscape design as shown in the front walk. Flush, bluestone inlayed runnels break up the concrete paving into sections. Per our client's request, we created a simply planted Zen space with stone mulch and groundcover in front of the house. This space is anchored by a burgundy foliage Japanese maple. Slate chip mulch was placed in wide bands around the home to account for the large roof overhangs.

Our client specifically requested having more outdoor entertainment space. Again playing off the dramatic angled rooflines of the house, the new concrete patio has overlapping trapezoids with flush, bluestone inlayed runnels defining the shapes. Multiple entry points into the patio from the house created a challenge. The new fire pit is centered on the large band of windows from the living room inside the house. Bluestone stepping stones, connect the patio to the front yard, placed within a slate chip mulch border. The surrounding woods were inter-planted with evergreens and other plants to increase privacy.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD and hand rendered by Hannah Paulson, landscape designer

Mid-Century Modern Front Yard - Elm Grove