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Mid-Century Patio & Landscape - Fox Point, WI

This mid-century ranch in Fox Point, Wisconsin had been remodeled on the exterior and updated. Our clients initially tried their hand at updating the front landscape themselves, they decided a better plan of attack was to hire us to do a full design for the entire yard. The driveway and front walk were new so we only had to design new plantings for the front yard. The client didn't want a lot of flowers or color so we went with a limited palette of plants with lots of greens from boxwoods and grasses. All of the flowering shrubs have white flowers to stay within the simple color scheme. Pathlights along the walk and uplighting of the ornamental trees completes the front design.

The backyard had an existing plain concrete patio in a rectangle shape with an aging deck that needed to be replaced. Since the backyard was fairly shallow, we designed the new patio and deck to be at a 45 degree angle relative to the home. The new patio is concrete with inlaid bluestone runnels to add visual interest. The planting beds continue the angled theme and matches the color palette of the front yard. Bluestone steppers provide an exit path from the patio and connect to an existing back porch. Privacy plantings were designed around the perimeter of the backyard so that the client didn't see the existing chain link fence. Low voltage lighting was design around the patio with uplights on the nearby new trees.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD and hand rendered by Hannah Paulson, landscape designer

Mid-Century Front Yard - Fox Point