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Contemporary Landscape - Pleasant Prairie, WI

Our clients bought this home on the shore of Lake Michigan and it was in need of a full remodel. As part of their efforts, they hired us to do a makeover of the landscaping. Our design plays off the angle of the new standalone garage. As part of the front landscape design, a new bluestone patio was created to take advantage of watching the sunset from the front of the home. Bluestone steppers connect the outdoor breezeway to the lakeside of the home.

With an expansive existing deck on the lakeside of this home, our clients didn't need much additional exterior space. They did like the idea of a fire pit closer to the lakeshore, so we designed a bluestone patio off the deck steps. A contemporary gas fire bowl surrounded by beach pebbles completes the area.

Even though the existing deck was so large, our clients requested a separate patio space off the deck for grilling. We tucked it into the northside of the home in a space that would have otherwise been unused. Bluestone steppers connect the deck to the grilling area and also offer a path around the home to the front yard.

An address marker in a new planting bed welcomes visitors to our client's home. 'Skyracer' molinia, a tall ornamental grass forms a backdrop for the bed. A linear group of columnar purple beech trees leads you visually down the driveway.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, APLD and hand rendered by Hannah Paulson

Contemporary Landscape Makeover - Pleasant Prairie