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Arts & Crafts Patio + Landscape - Cedarburg, WI

For this Cedarburg, Wisconsin project, our clients wanted to add a patio space near the front of their house as their backyard was not an inviting space. We orientated the new stone and brick patio to be centered on the steps of their existing front porch. Three serviceberry trees create a sense of enclosure around the space while being up-lit at night with low voltage LED lights. All new plantings for the entire front yard complete the design.

A new garage addition on the house ate up our client's backyard so the task was to create simple plantings to give the space a finished look. Plants had to be chosen to grow under the existing black walnut tree. The shrubs along the lot line are meant to create a privacy hedge.

Project installed in spring of 2020 so check back for photos of the completed project!

Designed by James Drzewiecki, APLD and hand-rendered by Hannah Paulson, landscape designer

Arts & Crafts Patio + Landscape - Cedarburg