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Mid-Century Front Landscape - Mequon, WI

Traditional yew groupings were removed in front of this Mequon, Wisconsin ranch home as part of a complete front yard makeover. We replaced the yews against the house with new boxwood to maintain something evergreen in the winter. The client wanted a lot of seasonal color so the new plant beds include perennials, grasses and flowering shrubs. The overall concept was a more modern landscape with plant beds that were angled in relation to the home. We worked with the existing front walk and a well head that we were able to incorporate into one of the new planting beds. Ornamental trees anchor a few of the house corners with deciduous shrubs providing a backdrop for the perennials and ornamental grasses.

The massive maple in the middle of the front yard provided a great location for a large shade garden. Our client was able to add to their hosta collection in this bed. We added some shrubs for structure and other shade perennials for texture and height.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, APLD

Contemporary Front Landscape - Mequon