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Rustic Backyard Landscape - Cedarburg, WI

Our clients in Cedarburg, Wisconsin had some ideas for their small backyard which included a gravel patio with room for dining as well as a separate fire pit area but they didn't know how to make it all fit. We were able to salvage their existing fire pit but changed the location of it to accommodate our layout for the patio. The small backyard proved a challenge but rotating everything at a 45 degree angle to the house changed the space dramatically and makes the backyard feel bigger than it is. We worked around the client's existing fruit trees, only moving one of them. A spot for the new garden shed was created opposite the pergola over the dining area. A large, custom constructed pizza oven was also included in the design. We were lucky enough to be invited over for one of the first pizza parties in their new backyard!

Designed by James Drzewiecki, CPLD and Hannah Paulson

Rustic Backyard Landscape - Cedarburg