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Mid-Century Mollica Landscape - Glendale, WI

This mid century home was built by Joseph Mollica in Glendale, WI. Our client had a failing paver patio that was uneven and dangerous to walk on and it was not original to the home. Existing lannon stone retaining walls were failing due to age and overgrown vegetation pulling down on the stone. Colored concrete was chosen for the new patio surfaces for ease of maintenance and because concrete fit with the architectural period of the home. A composite deck was incorporated to add some warmth and a separate level for dining. The stone paving around the fire pit will be changed to another composite deck when the project is installed.

Installation scheduled for fall of 2019 so check back for photos!

Designed by James Drzewiecki, APLD and hand-rendered by Hannah Paulson, landscape designer

Mid-Century Modern Patio and Deck - Glendale