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Modern Landscape - Racine, WI

Our client was in the middle of remodeling the inside and exterior of his minimalist home in Racine when his architect contacted us to see if we'd be interested in designing a landscape that would be appropriate for the home. Arguably austere but also dramatic, with an open view to Lake Michigan through the middle of the home, it is referred to as the Glass House. With a new deck added to the front of the home as part of the remodel, our task was to connect it to the driveway on the north side. The whole design was influenced by the linear architecture of the home, so a simple concrete walk was designed, with overlapping geometry in relation to the deck. Slate chip mulch was used around the deck for an Asian garden feel, and it is carried around the house as a maintenance strip to aid in mowing the lawn. A long boxwood hedge was designed as a green fence, giving our client some privacy on the deck. Japanese tree lilacs anchor both ends of the front walk. An additional boxwood hedge was added on the north side of the home to screen utilities, and three serviceberry trees were added to replace a large, diseased tree that had been removed. Additional trees were incorporated into the design that our client may implement in the next few years.

Modern Front Yard Landscape - Racine