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Modern New Home Landscape - Mesa, AZ

This newly constructed home in Mesa, Arizona offered us a blank slate and also the opportunity for us to design with an entirely new palette of plants. After researching plants approved by the HOA and discussions with our client, we narrowed down the mix of native woody plants and succulents and set to work on the plans. For the front yard we kept the design more minimalistic, as the space was limited. The backyard is where we had some fun, splitting the area into three zones. The foreground zone is similar to the front landscape with more open space and less plants. The second zone wraps around most of the back of the property and the east side. The idea was a lusher, denser planting that helps to hide the ubiquitous concrete block privacy wall. The third zone required some buy-in from our client, as we proposed an enclosed area where a rescued desert tortoise could live. Our clients loved the idea and they are looking forward to the day that they can provide a home for this native, endangered reptile.

Designed by James Drzewiecki, APLD and Kristin Klimaszewski

Modern Backyard Patio - Mesa, AZ