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Wright Model B1 Bungalow Restoration - Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to more than a half dozen Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and the Wright in Wisconsin organization is working diligently to acquire and restore all of the American System Built Homes. When the Model B1 Bungalow was targeted for restoration, a new landscape was naturally part of the project. Ginkgo Leaf Studio was chosen by the Wright in Wisconsin restoration committee to provide a master landscape plan for the entire block along with a plan specific to the bungalow. Because we are huge Frank Lloyd Wright aficionados, we decided to help support the cause and donate our design services for the project.

The goal of the landscape portion of the restoration was no different than that of the home – restore the landscape to what it would have been when the home was built. After researching documents and photographs of the bungalow and other similar Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and keeping in mind the period in which it was built, Ginkgo Leaf Studio came up with a plan that used similar plants to what Wright may have used, and plant varieties that would have been available at the time.

Since the completion of the restoration in 2009, the Model B1 Bungalow has been opened to the public as an example of Wright’s skill in creating a beautiful pre-fab home for the masses.

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Wright Model B1 Bungalow Restoration - Milwaukee